InMe – O2 Academy, Islington 18/09/15

InMe return to the O2 Islington Academy to renditition their first two studio albums, Overgrown Eden, and White Butterfly, in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of the studio release of White Butterfly, and 12 year anniversary of Overgrown Eden, as well as nearly 20 years making music together, seven of which in the former incarnation Drowned.

It’s hard to believe now that InMe have been around for so long and are still so tight on stage. A group bound by mutual respect for one another’s musical ideas, these four guys easily produce well over 100 songs a year between them as InMe, through various crowd-funded projects, and in their independent solo projects, or other bands. Thankfully however- through talent and perseverance, InMe are still around today to serenade us with the hits which had them plastered over the front covers of music magazines, and collaged onto the walls of alternative teens nationwide.

10 years ago, Greg McPherson replaced Joe Morgan on bass, and after a year with the band Ben Konstantinovic, was replaced by Gazz Marlow on guitar in 2010 to leave us with INME’s current iteration headed by the ever presents Dave McPherson on vocals, with Simon Taylor on drums.

A sold out Islington Academy were treated to an opening set from Dorje, fronted by YouTube super-teacher, and designer of Chapman Guitars, Rob Chapman. Evidently taken aback by the size of the crowd packed in front of the stage, Dorje opened on a tentative footing, but soon grew into the performance and took control of the stage and crowd alike. A shaky rendition of Written was followed up by more confident performances of White Dove and our favourite, Aeromancy, from the new EP Catalyst.

Both Dorje and the crowd in front of them grew into the performance, and a show of that calibre will do no harm for a hugely talented band that seems destined for greater heights sooner rather than later. If you love the 80’s American sound, mixed with a bit of Math-rock, get along to a show immediately if not somehow sooner.

The party atmosphere continued when InMe took to the stage, and burst straight into Overgrown Eden in full. For two albums which are revered as helping rejuvenate a dying UK rock scene in the naughties, we shouldn’t need to list off the hits which got this album to No.1 in the Rock album chart way back when- but the best crowd reactions were to singles Underdose, Firefly and Neptune. An honourable mention must be placed somewhere for Natural and Crushed Like Fruit, which sadly rarely make it into an InMe set-list these days, and it pleased the die hard fans, ourselves included.

Second studio album White Butterfly began with a song which has become synonymous with InMe ever since its release in 2005- 7 Weeks. Paired with two other tracks on this album, So You Know and Faster The Chase, White Butterfly is considered by many writers as InMe’s most accomplished album, and also reached No.1 in the UK Rock Album Chart.

These shows are difficult for a writer to review, as nostalgia can take over and warp your attentions to what is actually happening around you. However, every time we tried to elbow our way through beards, and sweat to gather some respite, and “re-hydration” at the bar, we were taken aback by a crowd screaming out every word along with Dave, and 12 years of age has certainly not put any dampeners on the passion and energy of InMe and fans alike.

Unfortunately, this was the last day of a five show tour – so those that missed it will have to put a date in the diary 10 years away from now. We will see you there!


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