Ingested – The Architect Of Extinction Review

Ingested Architect Of ExtinctionThe Architect Of Extinction is the latest offering from Mancunian death metallers Ingested, following on from 2014’s Revered By No One Feared By All, and if you like your music loud and aggressive, then you’ll most likely enjoy this.

Ingested certainly throw you straight into the action with opener The Divine Right Of Kings, instantly hitting you with a wall of guitar that is swiftly followed up with powerful and aggressive vocals – what a way to make an entrance, especially when the track morphs into a chaotically energetic piece and Ingested project so much energy it’s a wonder they don’t run out of momentum halfway through! Similar highlights include the fast-paced I Despoiler, which is a track that will surely go down a treat live, and A Nightmare Incarnate, which showcases some truly impressive drumming.

Of course, it does have to be said that The Architect Of Extinction is a bit of an acquired taste, and sometimes it does feel like Ingested is projecting noise at you, rather than to you, so at times it is a little more difficult to remain engaged with the music, especially when each track follows largely the same sort of format.

In fact, as a whole it does feel like Ingested is a band that thrives more in a live environment than on CD, so if The Architect Of Extinction doesn’t quite do it for you, don’t be disheartened and get your ass down to one of their shows!


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