Infestus – The Reflecting Void Review

Infestus The Reflecting VoidThe Reflecting Void is the latest album to be released by Infestus and it’s a sad fact that when an album doesn’t make much of an impression on you, it can be difficult to fully connect with. The Reflecting Void isn’t a bad album per se, but nothing quite grips you with it – it’s nothing you haven’t already heard.

That’s not saying the songs on the album are bad and in particular, Constant Soul Corrosion has this great mysterious edge to it all, certainly sounding like a track that will become a staple of Infestus’ live set for years to come because it has a great energy behind some of the sections that seems perfect to headbang to. Similarly, Fractal Rise Of The Fall is a great inclusion that takes an ever-so-slightly more melodic route in parts which really works well.

However, there are numerous tracks that feel almost like a struggle to listen to in full and Inner Reflexion is one such song; it drags somewhat with no real direction and closer Origin feels a tad out of place as it doesn’t feel like the album is brought to a satisfying conclusion with clashing ideas and themes – although the whispered vocals in parts are indeed a nice touch.

With a little fine-tuning, The Reflecting Void could be a great album, but as far as black metal goes, it just blends into the scenery.


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