Infestum – Renaissance Review

Renaissance is the latest offering from Belarus’s Infestum, and what an EP it is! The band’s genre is an interesting one, mixing standard death/black metal with industrial…and it works perfectly.

Opener Void Of Nebulae is a magnificent way to get it all going. Starting off with dark-sounding ambience, it sets the mood well before the full band kick in and get things moving. Their individual genre mash-up instantly stands out and the electronic/synth sections on top of the guitars are absolutely fantastic – and this is even before the vocals all set in, which add yet another dimension to it all! There’s just so much going on within this song and it leaves you wanting more, in the best possible way.

I Wanna Be Your Dog is another standout track. Getting going with thumping bass and catchy riffs, the instrumentation in this one is perfect and the whole track is mindblowingly gripping. The repeating melodies swiftly worm their way into your head for days on end and the beat is so strong that you’ll be tapping along to it before you know it. The ending works well too; the song cuts out with a resonating noise being all that remains as it slowly fades out.

The entire EP doesn’t let up from start to finish, delivering tune after tune in the same manner, and it goes without saying that Infestum have worked hard at not only making their sound unique, but also at making the genres blend together so well that it leaves you wondering why there aren’t a load more bands doing this. It’s absolutely incredible stuff.

Infestum are currently working on their upcoming album Monuments Of Exalted and honestly, if this EP is like a snippet of what this band is about, their new album is going to blow your mind!


Infestum: Website|Facebook|Bandcamp

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