Inferno – Welcome To The Lions Den Review

Inferno – Welcome To The Lion’s Den


Welcome To The Lion’s Den is a very honest debut album from North-Walian band Inferno. Having previously released an EP in 2007, this is their first full-length release and you can really tell how much work has gone into this.

Opening track Lion’s Den starts fairly simplistically, with just some guitar at first, before more instruments get added, culminating with the whole band eventually bursting into life. It was a great way to get everything going and really set the mood well for the whole album. It’s just an incredibly catchy song with a foot-tappingly brilliant beat to it. Following track Snakes And Ladders opens with an energetic drumbeat and the vocals from singer sound especially good on this one. Whilst sounding a little repetitive at times, this is another brilliant song that shows exactly how much this band have to give.

Follow The Blind is a funky little thing which is one of the best tracks of the album. Featuring some fantastic instrumentation that you can’t help but get an urge to dance to, it also has some absolutely massive vocals that are simply calling out to be sang along to. Following this is Suicide Pact, which is another more energetic one. Whilst suffering the same sort of fate as Snakes And Ladders in the sense that it gets a little repetitive at times, the vocals in this one are phenomenal. They’re filled with so much emotion and soul that you can’t help but have a lot of respect for the vocal performance especially.

Track El Toro is the strongest track of all. Sometimes, you can hear the opening of a song and can instantly tell it’s going to amazing, which was the case with this track. Featuring a tonne of catchy riffs, this is definitely a song that can get stuck in your head for days on end. If you’re going to check out one song from this album, then this is the one to listen to – put simply, it’s absolutely fantastic.

The song that follows it, Clairvoyant, is a little lacklustre in comparison and unfortunately came across like a bit of a filler track. Whether this was because it came directly after such a work of art as El Toro I am unsure, but as this is the only track on the album that I was unsure about, it can’t be all bad!

Breaking The Pact is another slower one but works incredibly well as a closing track, slowing down the overall fast pace of the album before nicely fading away. A great release from a band that everyone should be watching out for.

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