Indoctrine – Unto The Fall Review

indoctrine_CoverIndoctrine are a band that play a great mixture of melodic death metal with strong influences of black metal and their second EP Unto The Fall is an impressive piece of work that should propel the band into stardom if there’s any justice in the world.

A good introduction can add so much more to a release and that’s exactly what Gods Forgotten does for this EP. It begins with fairly simplistic acoustic guitars that play a repeated riff which slowly worms its way into your head, before more and more instruments seep seamlessly into the track, adding so much more atmosphere as they go. It gives a good insight into the EP as a whole and sets things up really nicely.

Second track Undying picks up exactly where Gods Forgotten ends and as the EP progresses, everything keeps going from strength to strength. The tracks blend well into one another but rather sounding like one continuous entity, they each have their own distinct personality and it makes for an engaging listen as a result. There’s a lot of power behind frontman Matti’s vocals and the band back him up perfectly.

The best track of the EP has to be Fall, which is a haunting track that perhaps favors the black metal side of their sound a little more. The spoken vocals atop of the guitars are haunting enough to send a shiver down your spine and the guitars on this track are absolutely incredible, both as a background and lead instrument. It’s just amazing.

Unto The Fall is a fantastic little release; it’s an incredibly strong offering from this talented four-piece and with this EP, Indoctrine have proved that they’re a force to be reckoned with.


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