Inceptor – Neosphere Review

481674_466300876765338_952491326_nIt can certainly be said that Inceptor’s Neosphere packs a punch. Six fast-paced aggressive songs packed into one EP, it’s impossible to listen to this without wanting to bang your head along to it.

Opening with the title track, it really helps to get things moving. A good balance of thrashing guitars and in-your-face vocals, it grabs your attention right from the get-go and utterly delivers, getting the EP off to the best of starts. This song just has everything, from hammering drums and meaty bass lines to frantic guitars and powerful vocals. Definitely the best track of the release – what an opening!

Neosphere continues to deliver, with Inceptor utterly powering through the EP and each track has as much energy in it as the last. It’s incredibly consistent in this respect but it unfortunately does come at the cost of the EP not having much variety because for the most part the tracks have the same sort of structure to one another. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great release, but a little more variety would have really given this the wow factor.

In summary, Neosphere is a fantastic little offering from this Croatian four-piece and if you like your music heavy and in-your-face, this is a must have.


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