Impavidus – Impavidus Review

impavidusImpavidus is the self-titled debut EP from the band of the same name and it’s an impressive listen that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to unique and engaging music.

Impavidus’ sound is an interesting one; the cleanly delivered vocals are almost a shock to the system when juxtaposed against the snarled harsh vocals and heavy riffs, but it really works for the band, particularly on the EP’s third song Black Mirror. The introduction helps to build things up before the main body of the track kicks in and it features some seriously powerful guitar-work simply begging for you to bang your head along to, and then when the song progresses into the chorus, you’re going to want to sing along to it. The harsh and clean vocals are both delivered to a very high standard and gives the track an extra bit of drive as a result.

It’s clear that Impavidus have worked hard at creating a piece that stands out from the crowd and even though this may only be the band’s debut release, it showcases a tight and together performance that gives the impression of a band that’s been playing together for years. Impressive, to say the least.


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