Impavidus – Eradication Of Mankind Review

Impavidus - Eradication Of MankindI’ve been keeping an eye out for new material from Impavidus ever since being impressed by their debut self-titled release and they’re now back with their latest offering, another EP entitled Eradication Of Mankind.

Eradication Of Mankind is perhaps a more straightforward listen in comparison to their last release and isn’t quite as adventurous – it’s more of a ‘standard’ death/groove metal album – but it’s still a great EP in any case. The clean vocals contrast well with the grittier harsh vocals and the energy throughout is tremendous, particularly from the drums.

All four tracks pack a punch, and the strongest of them is second track Lies. It’s got a nice sing-along chorus to it, which will certainly go down a storm when performed live (additionally, it will most likely wind up stuck in your head once you’ve finished listening to it!) and the chugging riffs alongside the harsher vocals adds a nice bit of meatiness to the mix.

As a whole, this is a great listen and although it doesn’t quite grab you like the debut does, it’s a nice follow up to it and definitely worth your while to check out.


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