Id – Philosofía Review

ArtworkSometimes it takes a little while for a release to fully grab your interest, rather than it instantaneously making an impression on you, and Philosofía by Id is certainly one such album because although it may not be one of the most original or unique offerings out there, it’s quite the grower and can definitely be described as a good album.

The release starts off strongly enough with Behold Your Majesty, which features some excellent guitar work and powerful vocals, but it’s not really anything that hasn’t been done before. It’s a good beginning to the release and definitely shows the band firing from all cylinders, but it just feels like there’s that special something missing – and amongst a sea of death metal bands all seemingly doing the same thing, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

A particularly striking track, however, is Liberate, which is just this fantastically energetic piece – especially the drums, with all the double kicks! The guitars are tremendously technical at some points as well and it makes for an all-round substantial and meaty piece.

However as a whole, Philosofía doesn’t quite feel like one of the most original pieces out there, especially when there’s other bands out there doing the same thing better. It’s certainly listenable and there’s nothing wrong with the songs, but it just feels like a ‘good’ album rather than a ‘great’ one.


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