Idle Class – The Drama’s Done Review

Idle Class are a German punk band who are storming mainland Europe at the moment and there is a good reason they are! Their album The Drama’s Done is a solid, powerful album with humongous choruses and relatable well written lyrics as a whole.

The album opens with an upbeat punk tune called Essence Of Every Night with shouting and a dramatic slow instrumental, building up to a gang vocal solo, and then a one man mosh pit whereever you are appears, built up of only yourself, but who needs other people when a drop is this good?

Idle Class have a talent when it comes to using gang vocals and with every song on the album using them, it’s a good thing! The lyrical and song writing talent shown in the album is clear and prompt in each song on the album.

With deep, penetrating, impressive bass lines it’s clear the bassist has talent even if he does have an addiction to distortion. The guitar are fantastic and they have some neat little riffs. Evidence of this is in the slower songs on the album, Bridges Blues and Han Shot First. The shouting and clean vocals complement each other nicely – the shouter makes the clean vocals sound a lot neater and make him sound like a better singer, and on the other hand the clean vocals make the shouting sound harsher and angrier, and this unique combination creates a pleasant listening experience for you.

The album has a fairly repetitive sound and it feels like Idle Class hasn’t really experimented with their sound, but if something isn’t broken why fix it? Overall, the album is a show stopper and if Idle Class are playing near you, it’d be in your best interest to go and have a gander.


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