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Idiom Same Old SongsSame Old Songs is the second EP in Idiom’s three-part EP series that is being released in conjunction with Metal Hammer and it highlights exactly what Idiom does best – which is creating unique and intriguing music that certainly leaves an impression on you.

Indeed, opening track We Live On grips your attention from the get-go and is clearly a song that’s been crafted for a live environment, with the opening instrumentation perfect for headbanging along to before chanted sections begging to be joined in with. It works fantastically at dragging the listener straight into the action and keeping them there.

With middle song One By One taking a softer approach with big sing-along vocal lines and smooth, beautiful instrumentation, title track Same Old Songs is a sudden burst of energy in comparison and showcases guest vocals from not one but two singers – Benji Webbe of Skindred and Sean Smith of The Blackout. The track is almost an amalgamation of the aforementioned singers bands as well as Idiom, with three different styles interwoven to one another. It sounds like it shouldn’t work at all, but yet it does. It’s clever and engaging, and the definite highlight of the EP.

Sadly, closer Lighthouse seems a little weak after following such a strong track and it results in a rather lacklustre end to an otherwise excellent EP, which is a shame. It doesn’t quite pack the punch that Same Old Songs did and would perhaps work better preceding the track rather than following it. However, the EP as a whole is a formidable release and it goes without saying that there will be a lot of people eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the trilogy.


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