Ice Nine Kills – The Predator Becomes The Prey Review

Ice Nine Kills - The Predator Becomes The PreyIce Nine Kills’ new album The Predator Becomes The Prey opens with The Power Of Belief which has a huge chorus you’ll be singing along to by the second time around, shredding solos that’ll flabbergast you and you’ll headbang to simultaneously, pounding drums to tap along to and demonic screams that will make you want to see them live. It’s a great way to open the album as it shows off everything the band has to offer on the album. Killer riffs, drums and vocals.

The Fastest Way To A Girls Heart Is Through Her Ribcage opens with some sinister orchestral piece before dropping in to the song and the drums are outstanding; the double bass is ridiculous fast but not overpowering, unlike other bands. The bassist shines more on this track as the bridge is bass and vocals only. It’s a fairly cynical song lyric-wise and this is matched in the instrumental which has an eerie aura. The clean vocals are really shown off here and it shows the depth and power behind the song and Spencer’s voice.

What I Never Learned In Study Hall is a slower song and more musical, built on riffs and and meaningful lyrics. The drums are truly diverse in this song and the style changes throughout, showing off the drummer’s skill and that the band are more than just another band trying to make it. With a guest appearance from Tyler Carter towards the end of the song, he adds needed higher vocals and diversity to the song. His and Spencer’s voices complement each other well.

Overall the album is a great listen. It shows off the band’s talent as musicians with some killer riffs, intense drums and phenomenal vocals. The bass is overpowered throughout the majority of the album however. It’s well-written, even if some of the songs do have extreme similarities.


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