Hybrid Sheep – Free From The Clutches Of Gods Review

hybrid sheepFree From The Clutches Of Gods is the new album from Hybrid Sheep and in all honesty, it’s what you may expect from a deathcore band – but whilst it’s nothing new in the genre per se, for what it is, it is a great listen.

A particularly good element of the band’s sound is the vocals. There is a lot of power and meat behind them, adding a lot of substance to the music to give it an extra kick – it’s like vocalist Arnaud is overflowing with energy and it really does reflect well in his vocal performance.

The rest of the music is equally as powerful too, from the great guitar solo in A Man Chooses…A Slave Obeys to the kickass introduction of opener An Illness Called Callousness, a track which serves as a perfect way to get everything moving.

The only thing that’s somewhat of a problem with this release is the lack of variation between the songs. There’s no denying that Hybrid Sheep has got deathcore nailed and play it to a very high quality, but it’s just not the most adventurous of pieces. Everything follows the same sort of pattern and the ideas are all fairly similar – it’s a little like Hybrid Sheep are a little afraid of taking a risk.

However as a whole, Free From The Clutches Of Gods is a great listen and if you like your music hard-hitting and succinct, Hybrid Sheep will be right up your street.


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