Hybrid 6.0 – Species EP Review

According to the bands official websitethis Southampton based outfit have such a varying degree of musical influences, that suggest it’s hard to even contemplate where this new EP is going to take you.

Opening track Time Bomb isn’t exactly promising stuff. The intro sounding like it could of been taken from a really low budget horror movie, before drums and keyboards kick in, turning the song into something you’d find on the soundtrack to Mortal Kombat. Female vocalist Madam Mayhem doing her very best to recover a sense of credibility but, it’s too late. It’s simply too cheesy to take seriously.

Dark Energy starts off with a Prodigy kind of vibe which is more encouraging, before the bands male vocalist Steve Erida starts spouting lyrics. In some places I’m fairly certain he’s attempting to rap but, it generally just fails. The song barely being rescued by Mayhem. It’s good to see artists unafraid to experiment but, this doesn’t work.

Fifth Kind is a slower number, not a great deal going on, with a simple dub-step beat underlying Mayhem’s vocals. It’s not a hit single in the making but it’s by far the best track Species has to offer thus far.

Iodine Sky could quite easily be a Gary Numan track. It’s cold, atmospheric feel a stark contrast to the earlier tracks and the change of style is most welcome. The quality of this song is miles ahead of tracks like Time Bomb and you wonder why Hybrid 6.0 wasted their time when they are capable of tracks such as this one, before we close the EP on final track Asphyxia. Another slow electronic number, it’s a pleasant track but forgettable.

All in all, what we have here is a band seemingly desperate to find their niche. Species suggests that the band aren’t afraid to mix it up in terms of musical direction but, at the same time, highlights their strengths and weaknesses all too clearly. If they can focus on a style and really hone their sound, Hybrid 6.0 can be much better than this EP proves here. It doesn’t do them fair justice. Avoid tracks 1 & 2 and everything is ok.


Hybrid 6.0: Website

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