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hot coffinFiring up with all the right sounds, Hot Coffin’s eponymous second album ignites a fierce blaze that’s razing tunes like Greek fire. With 2013’s LAW out of the way, the grave obviously being earmarked for body snatching, having a different vocalist on this release has turned their post-rock sound into a dirtier, craftier and punkier bomb blast.

Retaining the tension that was prevalent on LAW, this second impression will leave your head nodding while you try to look really cool, but aggro, air drumming. Musically hitting out heavy themes only to cut them down with a beating.  Battering each song between raucous punk and epic choruses.

Hot Coffin is pretty solid all round with few inequities where the tuneful movement is staggered.  It’s an album that’s obnoxious in volume alone but its flamboyant aggression can sometimes feel out of place within the sincere and almost metal edges as the vocals drone along side the effervescence the rest of the accompaniment provides.  With riffs that are as intense and gripping as the legendary heavy metal acts of the early 90’s blended with that fearless punk attitude Hot Coffin might leave you smoking by traffic lights.  Although their procession of riffs is broken, the fire is as bright as dawn.


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