Behind The Scenes: The Artwork Of No Faith By Hornets

Hornets 2014

We didn’t mince our words when we said we enjoyed the upcoming EP No Faith by Hornets – we awarded it a 9/10 and described Hornets as a name surely going to be on everybody’s lips by the time 2014 comes to a close.

Not content with just writing a review about the EP, we decided to find out a little more about the accompanying artwork for our new behind the scenes feature.

On the artwork

Hornets No FaithAll of the artwork was drawn up by Richard Stuart aka Deadly Friendly (see links below), a friend we met though an exhibition he held at a local tattoo artists. The exhibition was a good chance for us to see his vibe, styles and influences, so we had a fair idea of the dark imagery he could come up with!

With regards to content, we gave him a copy of the EP with the lyrics and complete artistic freedom. Before long we were looking at an initial draft of the artwork that was released and we were all super stoked on it.

Speaking to Rich, he said:
After listening to the band I wanted something dark but full of brutal energy, that reflected the ferociousness of the music.

The artwork was drawn up 12″ x 12″ for a vinyl release and hand drawn in dip pen and indian ink. He even included a few references to the previous Hornets EP Truth, having it written across the knuckles of a hand on the back of the EP in the same black and green colour pallet, giving nice attention to detail.

Deadly Friendly: Tumblr|Instagram|Email

No Faith is out on March 31. You can preorder the 10″ vinyl from here.

Hornets: Facebook|Twitter

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