Hornets – No Faith Review

Hornets No FaithIf you like your music noisy, catchy, to-the-point and energetic, then look no further: Hornets is a band for you. Simply describing their genre as ‘heavy’, it’s clear why it’s described as such because this EP just sounds like organised chaos contained within five tracks – and it’s brilliant.

No Faith grabs you right from the get-go with its first track, Stay Free. It begins with a riff that’s destined to be rattling about in your head for days, and as soon as the vocals kick in and the song gets fully underway, it swiftly becomes apparent that this isn’t a song you’ll be forgetting in a hurry. It’s like a relentless ball of energy packed into just over three minutes and is the perfect song to kick-start the whole affair with.

Things continue strongly from there, with Hornets consistently throwing out belter after belter, barely leaving time to breathe between songs with their constant aural assault on your ears. This band just doesn’t stop until the closing chords of the final track Behind Me cut out abruptly and the stark nothingness afterwards resonates with the listener being plunged into sheer silence.

It’s so apparent that the band have just put their all into No Faith and it’s such an engaging listen as a result. If you don’t already know who this band is, make sure you take note – Hornets is surely going to be the name on everybody’s lips by the time 2014 comes to a close.


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