Honeymoon Disease – Part Human, Mostly Beast Review

I first heard of Honeymoon Disease ahead of their tour with Avatarium a few years back, and was suitably impressed by their rocky and speedy aural assault on the crowd, so awaited their next release with interest. Part Human, Mostly Beast is the band’s second album and is a gritty piece of work that follows on well from their debut offering The Transcendence.

Part Human, Mostly Beast does quite well at encapsulating the band’s live energy and momentum; you can almost feel the energy seeping out of your speakers (and the album cover itself is a good visual prompt as well). There’s a great deal of passion in each of the members’ performances and the emotion in the vocals is particularly good.

Although the music itself perhaps isn’t the catchiest or most memorable you’ll come across, Part Human, Mostly Beast is still a decent listen and will certainly get your foot tapping along to it, and from the punchy opener Doin’ It Again to slow burner Rymdvals and the fast-paced closer Electric Eel, there’s a decent amount of variety to the album.

In short, Part Human, Mostly Beast is pretty good – although perhaps best appreciated by seeing this talented band live!


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