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Homebound Coming Of AgeIt’s always refreshing when you hear a release that a band has clearly spent a lot of time and effort on, and Coming Of Age by Homebound is a great little listen, with some real high points throughout the EP.

One of the first things that strikes you is how polished Coming Of Age sounds. There’s a good amount of power behind the music and everything is nice and enjoyable. It’s just an easy EP to get into and enjoy, and is a strong and accessible release.

A particular highlight is Second Best And No Regret, a catchy track that will be rattling round your head for weeks, and one of those songs that you can’t help to sing along to – frontman Charlie really gives it his all on this track with a great amount of momentum behind his performance.

The EP ends on a high with the title track and it’s no surprise that they chose this song to be the ‘representative’ of the album, so to speak, and although it started out as a late addition to the EP, it wouldn’t quite be the same without it being included – the group vocals near the end are a particular high point – and it’s a very satisfying end to an all-round satisfying release.

A great first offering – it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this band to see where they’ll go in the future.


You can check out our Behind The Scenes track-by-track insight on Coming Of Age with Charlie here.

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