Hollywood Undead – Brixton Academy, London 29/11/14

Hollywood Undead

Going from an 800 capacity to a 5000 capacity venue isn’t an easy thing to achieve but it’s certainly doable as seen by the hoard of fans swarming to Brixton O2 Academy to see the metal rappers Hollywood Undead for a night of fun and incredible live entertainment.

Icon For Hire (7/10) come on to a full venue. The vocalist goes solo and the crowd don’t respond really until the music drops. The band performed with a lot of energy and you could tell that they were having fun. Having props helped entertain the crowd, they used flags to rally the crowd and by the end of their set the crowd at the front were moshing, jumping and fist pumping along to the energetic band, however they did lack some stage presence.

Hollywood Undead (9/10) come onto a hyped, incredible eager crowd. The entire crowd screeched, jumped and did whatever the band wanted. With huge energy and funny, entertaining stage antics, and playing huge songs from across their discography, every song was a crowd pleaser that got the crowd off their feet and their hands in the air.

The band have 6 vocalists and during each member’s individual solos they destroyed the stage and made the big crowd seem like nothing. All members of the band sounded incredible live, the rappers executed their lines flawlessly and the screams were incredibly powerful. The band as a whole performed incredible and they showed off their ability as musicians and as entertainers, a night nobody will be forgetting for years to come.

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  1. Insane live anyone who missed it missed an incredible show ! Met j3t danny and Charlie also funny man whilst buzzin and was right at the front for the gig every note every line was spot on they hit it with papa roach live

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