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High Rise are currently getting ready to release their new EP Life. Ahead of its release, we caught up with the band to get an insight into their musical tastes and influences. Check it out and get involved below!

A song they wish they could have written
The song we wish we had written has to be Shade by Heart Of A Coward. This track is just beastly from start to finish but doesn’t forget how to bring you down with a nice melody at the same time. The guitar work and drumming are awesome not to mention the massive catchy interlude at 3:13 which brings it all together nicely, plus who else can say a lyric in their song went viral? “Suffer, bitch” is possibly one of the best drops we’ve heard! We couldn’t imagine what it must be like to play that song live and just watch hundreds of people lose their shit at that part!

Their favourite High Rise song
Our favourite song from us has to be one of the tracks off our new EP – Vultures. It’s always fun to play live and gets everyone moving. We wrote it as a strong message about how it’s good to be happy with what you have but also keep striving to do better but to not let anyone take it away from you at the same time. Vultures isn’t actually released so no link yet but you might get to hear it sooner than you think!

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
One track we always seem to be listening to lately is COMA by Issues, such a well rounded track. To us this has the right amount of heavy and the right amount of melody, and the chorus is catchy as hell! We love it!

Their all time favourite song
Our all time favourite song without a doubt has to be Second and Sebring by Of Mice & Men. It really is the ultimate banger! It’s probably quite a simple song to play but that’s also why it’s so good. Everything comes together so perfectly, the vocals and guitars really accent each other well with this one too.

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