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Next month, progressive metallers Hieroglyph will be releasing their new album Ouroboros. Our review will be coming soon, but whilst you wait, we caught up with the band to get an insight into their music tastes. Get involved below!

A song that influenced them
White Walls – Between The Buried And Me

This song resonates with me a lot because I always got told that I would get nowhere playing anything heavy or “weird”. This track is about making the music you want to make and being happy with yourself and your art above all else. “Personal happiness is what we strive to achieve… so you can love or hate… it won’t change a thing for us”

A song they wish they could have written
Six – Chimaira

9 minute riff fest with lots of proggy twists and turns, theremins, tasty harmonies and powerful vocals. Love this sing, love the band.

Their favourite Hieroglyph song
So far, Mandragora. It’s a good blend of the different aspects of our sound and influences and I enjoy playing it a lot.

A song they’ve been listening to a lot recently
Subdivisions – Rush

I’ve been on a huge Rush binge recently and I’ve been hammering this song more or less every day for a month!

Their all time favourite song
Bland Street Bloom – Sikth

This is an exceptionally hard question. I might have to say Bland Street Bloom by Sikth, I think hearing that song was a gateway into not just tech but a bunch of underground British bands that massively broadened my listening.

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