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Hey! Hello! are the combination of the considerable talents of Ginger Wildheart, a man who definitely needs no introduction, he is nothing short of a legend, and singer Victoria Liedtke.

This album was originally part of one of Ginger’s Pledge campaigns but grew legs and has just grown into the rock monster you see before you.

What you’ll find here are 10 tracks of some of the best written and played Hard Rock, Power pop, Punk, whatever you wanna call it, but the fact remains that it sounds bloody great!

Opener Black Valentine has a huge chorus and some outstanding riffs, the melodies on display here are insane, listen to them a couple of times and they stick with you.

Ginger played every instrument on the album, that alone is impressive enough to make you want to check this out, but the vocal interplay between him and Victoria is what really makes this album, they just work perfectly together.

Swimwear is a massive song, with possibly the biggest chorus I’ve ever heard, it’s riff heavy and has a piano solo, yes! The song segues almost seamlessly into Burn The Rulebook (Fuck It) another riffmonster with distorted vocals and ultra melodic choruses, it’s fantastic.

Lock For Rock (And Other Sporting Cliches) is another stunning track, again the dual vocals sound like a dream and the vocal melody is definitely heaven sent.

How I Survived The Punk Wars might be my favourite song here, its very different from the rest of the tracks here, a bit more punk and lot more ‘Do’s and Dont’s’, where Ginger imparts his advice, knowledge and common sense to anyone wanting to get into a band, one definitely to pay attention to!

This album is cross between the Silver Ginger Five album and Earth Vs The Widhearts with a smoking hot female voice, what more do you need to know? Buy it.


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