Heretoir – The Circle Review

Heretoir - The CircleWell, this is quite impressive. The Circle is the second album from post/black metallers Heretoir and it’s a stunning piece of work filled with lush soundscapes and beautifully bleak moods.

The Circle is an ambitious piece, with lots of intricate ideas and approaches woven into the music, and it’s a very rewarding listen as a result. It seems like on every listen, there’s another little element that you pick up on because there’s so many layers to Heretoir’s sound. It’s just so atmospheric and well-constructed, and it really draws you in as it progresses.

A good element of the album is that there’s certain riffs and ideas that span over the entire length of the album, really helping the piece to worm its way into your head, and there’s just so many good songs to contend with. Highlights including the first full-length track, The White, which features some stunning vocals coupled with soaring instrumentation and later track Exhale is jam-packed full of emotion and atmosphere that will really give you goosebumps!

All in all, a solid release. Heretoir have really made it count with this album and The Circle is memorable for all the right reasons.


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