Singled Out: Henebion – Mwg Bore Drwg


Mwg Bore Drwg is the debut single from Henebion, and it’s a great listen with a lot of potential to it, showing a lot of promise from the up-and-coming band. It’s a catchy number, and one that will surely get your foot tapping along to it, however at times it does feel a little simplistic – a tiny bit more complexity would work wonders for the song. Despite this, as a whole the song is a great starting point for the band, and is a tight and together piece – the band will surely continue to go from strength to strength in the new year.

We wanted to find out more about the track, so we caught up with drummer Dio to get an insight.

What’s the story behind the song?
There’s no real intricate story behind this song, it’s basically about a heavy night out and waking up the next day in a daze, due to the events that transpired.

Can you describe the writing and recording process for it?
We basically just jammed a riff Kristian (our singer) had, and we jammed out the song in the next 10 minutes, some things changed later on. We recorded it as a single for Clwb Senglau’r Selar – a Welsh magazine called Y Selar spotted us during a gig, and the chief editor enjoyed this song so much he wanted it released as a single.

We recorded the single in a studio in North Wales with the singer of a band we had recently done a few gigs with, it was then a bit of the song changed, some bits were shortened and other bits edited, to make it feel a little more like a single.

What made you choose that particular song as a single?
The choice was kind of made for us. We were lucky enough to have it funded and released by Rasal Records in collaboration with Y Selar. It was through them it was released on platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

Would you say it is representative of future material from you, or is it more of a standalone piece?
Definitely a standalone piece. I feel as though our writing has matured, we are writing much more intricate and powerful pieces.

The track also has an accompanying video – how did filming it go?
Filming it was a new experience, first shoot we’d done as a band. We shot it in a nightclub in Aberystwyth, and it was shown on the S4C show Y Lle. It’s not the official video for the song, as the song in that video was recorded with the video (if that makes any sense). We pretty much had it done in one take, to the film crews surprise, and we’d finished in about 2 hours.

Any interesting anecdotes from filming?
Not that I can think of hahah, was basically go in, record, grab a SubWay, go home.

And what is in store for 2016 for Henebion?
Absolutely no clue! Hopefully record an EP and try get that released, there are a few festivals we’d like to play, but it’s basically just going with the flow!

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