HellYeah – Blood for Blood Review

Hellyeah - Blood for BloodHellyeah are back with another rocking album. They’ve had some band members depart and acquired Kyle Sanders from Bloodsimple on bass guitar, but the sound is still a bit rocking, still a bit big and still a bit metal.

The opening track Sangre por Sangre (Blood for Blood) really reminds me of Slipknot’s Duality, which can only be good. It’s catchy, it’s got a good vibe and it’ll easily make you headbang along and it will get stuck in your head.

Demons In The Dirt has a very industrial/groove metal feel. It certainly lends itself more towards the combination of the member’s previous bands and shows what combining the talents can do to create a new sound.

Moth is a wonderfully emotional track. It has a sad tone to it, but it’s one of those really powerful tracks and the chorus is really catchy. Even if you can’t learn the words quickly, you’ll certainly be humming it.

You’ll totally be headbanging away to Gift from the moment it starts. This will certainly be one for the circle pits in a live environment. It has a bit of a killer guitar solo in there too.

This album is everything you’d expect from Hellyeah. It’s a decent enough record with a mix of tracks, but there’s nothing really with a total wow factor to it. It’s certainly enjoyable enough, but it doesn’t really lure you back for more. But if you’re into HellYeah already, it’s pretty sweet, so well worth investigating.


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