Hell Or Highwater – Vista Review

Hell Or Highwater VistaHell Or Highwater’s new album Vista is here and once again it’s a tremendous piece of work, featuring twelve powerful and highly catchy tracks.

Vista is undoubtedly an album that will get stuck in your head, largely thanks to the massively memorable vocals; Brandon’s distinctive and succinctly-delivered lines are expertly written and are very easy to sing along to, resulting in lines that will be rattling round your head for days. It’s just an infectious listen and the more you listen, the more addictive it becomes and the more it pulls you in.

From the massive opener of Colors to the groovier Another Good Time and the heavier Don’t Stop. Get Up (the group vocals in this one are awesome!), Vista spans across a good few different styles and ideas, yet it all slots in nicely together – the flow is good and no matter what approach is taken, Hell Or Highwater makes it work.

It’s not really a massive departure from their first full-length Begin Again, but when the songwriting is this good and the music gets under your skin, is that necessarily a bad thing? All in all, a great little listen.


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