Heimdalls Wacht – Geisterseher Review

heimdalls-wacht-geisterseherGeisterseher is the brand new offering from Heimdalls Wacht and it’s another mighty album from the German black metallers. By now, Heimdalls Wacht knows what works for them and what doesn’t – and subsequently, Geisterseher makes for excellent listening.

Although consisting of just seven tracks in total, it weighs in at just under an hour in duration and it’s a very substantial listen as a result. Each song packs a real punch, with each element gelling together fantastically. There’s a magnificent tightness to the album as a whole and is an immersive listen that will you’ll keep wanting to return to.

A particular highlight of the album is fifth track Tairach, which certainly leaves an impression on you right from the get-go, courtesy of the wails and screams that the intro consists of, and it progresses well from there. There’s a good, meaty vocal delivery throughout and there’s plenty of moments where the guitar riffs leave such a big impression on you that they’ll surely be rattling round your head for days. Additionally, the wall of guitars that moves in sync with the drums during the verses is tremendous, and really gives the track an extra bite.

Heimdalls Wacht has always been a consistent band and Geisterseher is no exception to this trend – this is not an album to be missed!


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