Heaven Asunder – Among The Damned Review

Heaven Asunder - Among The DamnedAmong The Damned is the debut album from metalcore band Heaven Asunder, but it doesn’t really do the band justice because they’re clearly capable of so much more. The ability is there but it just seems wasted.

The main problem is that there’s nothing that stands out about it; it’s just your standard metalcore album with no frills and nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd. Nobody in the band really gets their time to shine and the songs tend to follow the same sort of pattern each time.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have any good points, because there’s some great synth nestled inside the track Nothing More and there’s a standout vocal performance in Last Rites with half-snarled, half-sang vocals at certain points but unfortunately they’re not enough to carry the album alone.

If you’re really into your metalcore then this is probably worth your time to check out as Among The Damned isn’t a terrible album. However, a bit more work is needed for this to be a formidable offering that will get Heaven Asunder noticed because right now all it’s doing is making them blend in amongst countless other bands within the genre. Decidedly average.


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