Hearts Under Fire – We’ve Come Too Far To Live In The Past Review

Hearts Under Fire- We’ve Come Too Far To Live In The Past


I never usually give EP’s any more than 8 out of 10, rightly or wrongly, due to the amount of tracks, or lack of them. But with this, Surrey based 4 piece Hearts Under Fire’s newest EP, I’m making an exception.

If you’re not familiar with Hearts Under Fire, they are an excellent mix of hard hitting punk rock with a catchy melodic edge and great song writing.

This is a 5 track EP and each song is outstanding.

Opener ‘You Are: Convenience’ kicks things of in style, massive riffs and driving drums and some memorable vocal hooks and gang style vocals.

The musicianship really shines here, drummer Lexi Clark, Guitarists Nicky Day and Kat Upton and vocalist/bassist Mary O’Regan are on top of their game and it shows in every song.

Next track ‘1968’ is a slower number but no less dark and melodic. The quality of the songwriting here is so high, each song genuinely does get better everytime you listen to them.

‘Blindfolds’ is the standout track on here for me, an amazing song with an outstanding vocal from Mary, who really gives it all on this EP. She has a great, passionate voice that suits the music so well.

‘Mark My Words’ is a brooding, mid tempo, almost menacing sounding song with a huge melodic chorus and a meaningful set of lyrics.

The EP finishes up with title track ‘We’ve Come Too Far To Live In The Past’ a typical Hearts Under Fire track, big riffs, huge chorus and another star turn from Mary.

This really is an excellent EP from a hard working British band who definitely deserve your support, so go and download it from iTunes right away.

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