Hearts Under Fire – Meze Lounge, Newport 05/04/13


Female fronted, South Wales pop punkers Calling All Heroes (7/10) opened this Friday night show, and put on a good performance. Their bouncy, catchy tunes definitely made me want to check them out some more when they release their newly recorded EP soon.

The huge sounding A Tale Of Two Cities (9/10) were up next, and definitely didn’t disappoint.

Playing songs from the impressive ‘New Horizons’ EP, like the outstanding ‘The Fire Burning Through Our Wings’ and the new, soon to be released stand-alone single, ‘I Plead Guilty’, they sounded on top form.

Ending the show with my favourite track of theirs ‘Four Words’ you couldn’t help but be impressed. They are a great band.

The last time Hearts Under Fire (10/10) played Wales was in this very venue about 6 years ago and  for me this gig has been a long time coming. I make no secret of my love for HUF, I feel they are one of the UK’s most underrated bands right now and really should be huge.

Kicking off tonights show with ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ from the ‘Letters’ EP, they sounded great. Singer/Bassist Mary O’Regan has an outstanding voice and live it is so powerful.

They played every track from the ‘We’ve Come To Far To Live In The Past’ EP, songs like ‘1968’ and ‘You Are: Convenience’ sound amazing live, and really show off the bands excellent musicianship, Drummer Lexi Clark is outstanding but makes it look so effortless.

‘Liquid Luck’, again from the bands 2010 EP ‘Letters’ really shows off the skills of guitarist’s Nicky Day and Kat Upton, the latter throwing herself across the stage like a demon.

The one thing that really stands out about Hearts Under Fire are the songs, they really know how to pen a tune, with ‘Mark My Words’ being one of the best. The track, about the love of literature, has to be one of my all time favourite songs and live it really shines.

Ending the set with a rollicking version of ‘We’ve Come Too Far To Live In The Past’ this was a great show, definitely worth waiting for, from without a doubt the UK’s most underrated band. Please take time to check them out.

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