Headless Kross – Projections I Review

projections-1-headless-krossProjections I is the first instalment of a trilogy of albums from Scottish doomsters Headless Kross. Gloriously heavy, sludgy and downright filthy-sounding, Projections I is a triumphant piece of work that definitely hits all the high notes (metaphorically speaking, of course).

You can’t rush art, and that certainly rings true with this album – which despite only consisting of four songs, weighs in at over half an hour in duration. Headless Kross take their time onProjections I, really drilling each track into your skull, and ensuring it will remain with you for long after you’ve finished listening. The riffs are definite earworms, the vocals are striking and the percussion is powerfully constant.

Each track has its own unique identity, yet everything still gels together well, resulting in a coherent release with a great flow. From the opening riffs of Does Not Equal Time, right through to the fading fuzziness of the outro to The Map Is Not The Territory, everything has its own place in the bigger picture of the album and it makes for a very immersive listen – you can’t help but wonder what twists and turns the songs are going to take as they progress!

To summarise – this album is seriously good. If you like face-meltingly awesome filthy doom, then Headless Kross is a band for you.


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