Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine Review

hawk eyes everything is fineHaving worked their rock butts off for the last three years, Hawk Eyes have just released Everything Is Fine through a pledge campaign.

It’s a trap!” cries singer Paul as opening track really sets the mood for the album. They’ve found their ground and it’s more accessible than before. It’s definitely more mature (less manic) than previous releases but it’s definitely a grower to many. As the melodies bounce from one track to another, the duel vocals and hypnotic riffs really create sensational listening. There’s still manic outbursts and hooks galore to keep listeners on their toes.

As they bring it to a close with hefty track TFF, there’s a nice charm about this album. It flows and feels greatly composed but still manages to keep Hawk Eyes’ essence. At points vocals are dirty and riffage ugly and at others it’s carries pop hooks and soothing melodies. They’ve gone in ambitious and come out triumphantly.

They encapsulate everything that is modern day rock ’n roll, it’s an attack on your music senses and they win, every time. Excuse me whilst I sing “it’s a trap” after everything for the rest of the day.


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