Harry Radford – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff 11/09/13

dsc_0243When arriving to the venue, I discovered that he was playing in the downstairs bar which I found as a unexpected. I knew the tickets were flying out for this gig but I was unclear of how many were for sale.

First act of the night was a local Aberdare band called Reaper in Sicily. I have seen this incredible band a fair few times before and they never fail to warm up a crowd. They are a highly energetic  and always look like they are enjoying what they are doing.

The next support of the night was a band called Hill Valley HighFirst time I have seen this band and I was very impressed. Another high energy lot with a dedicated fan base who had followed them on the tour with Harry Radford.

Next it was time for the main act for the night, Harry Radford and his band. Lights dimmed down to blackness and there was a sudden burst of light as harry walked onto the small stage. The whole  room crowded around the stage. He played the whole of his catalogue of new music to impress the crowd.  Even the brilliant Bite The Bullet. The one thing I didn’t expect to hear is a cover, this cover was Bruno Mars’ song Just The Way You Are which was sung pitch perfect.

The set was perfect from start to end and Harry’s solo stuff is very impressive. The gig went from not knowing what to expect to walking out of the venue feeling ridiculously happy I went.


Harry Radford: Website|Facebook|Twitter

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