Hark! A Shark! – Daylights Wastin’ EP Review

Hark front cover copyHark! A Shark! are a Cardiff based 4 piece punk pop outfit and Daylights Wastin’ is their second and new 5 track EP.

It kicks off with intent with D’you Want To Get Drunk And Fool Around?, and the answer to that is yes, yes I do! The song is a hard hitting, fast paced tune, with a great bass and drum intro.

Natalie’s vocals are killer and Greg B attacks the hell out his guitar, with the riffs coming thick and fast. In fact the whole band, completed by Greg T on bass and Andy on drums, sound great.

The songs are definitely harder hitting then the bands last EP, and the quality of the songwriting is outstanding. Title track, Daylight’s Wastin’ is another cracker. You definitely can’t deny the power of the “Woah Oh Oh” part of the track.

The One Ben Likes has a big chorus that is catchy as hell and another crunchy, riff filled star turn by Greg B. The EP ends with You Yell Barracuda which is by far the favourite track on here. It’s a pop punk masterpiece and its a total head bobber.

If you like your pop punk a little old school and on the crunchy, bouncy energetic side then Hark! A Shark! are definitely for you.


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