Hanzel Und Gretyl – Audio, 14/10/15

JLA001“It says half-six on the ticket.” It’s half-six and there’s still a sound check going on inside leaving a growing pack of patrons outside waiting to get in. Even through the trepidation of loitering outside the inside is sounding loud and roomy. A hopeful insight into accommodating the next five hours that’s reaching a paradoxical triplet of hard, heavy and animistic pandemonium.

So when local Industrialists je$us loves amerika appeared amidst the sweet familiar scent of vanilla coated condensation. What should of been a roaring introduction was hindered into a whisper. The volumes that made the boxy venue reverberate matted the instruments together drying the air. The singer excluded from the other musicians, was vibrant and impassioned in his conduct picking up where the sound engineer left off (had buggered off.) Joining in with the fun on the dance floor while trying to secure a good show for the audience, while not losing the integrity of his performance.

The most impressive supporting act of the night, je$us loves amerika had the tenacity of the industrial scenes heavy weights, with songs that were original but practiced with such ferocity to fit homely into the grid of the genres’ staples. je$us love amerika were kind about pounding sin into a whole new religion, and it was very nice that they were professional in respecting the audience. Finishing their set to much acclaim and leaving a lasting impression.

HUG_KyzrWolf001Following that tempest were the nice guys Seraph Sin. Who were in every sense the eye of the storm. Letting the ground settle and calming the agitated audience. The technical difficulties were this time down to the eagerness of pleasing the crowd. Balling a few hic-ups the band played well but applied demure comic relief to mask a lackluster and rough show. Technical difficulties being the theme behind what can best be attributed as myopic crowd control.

Hanzel Und Gretyl. The Grimm Shiza tour. More German Than German – Die Lebensborn Ar nicht genug. Where the acoustics were being pushed beyond the limits of the venue that made for a gloriously dirty set performed within the aura of mystery the last album Black Forest Metal set out to appropriate. Grounded in traditional folklore KyzrWölf made for a spectacular looking Big Bad, and although the props were fanciful they didn’t detract from the determination playing throughout their performance. The Lamborghini of German Industrial Acts both Vas and KyzrWölf proved steady and firm as they vehemently fired through the latest material making this night a cathartic performance.

The FUKKEN ÜBER party that spanned songs from Über Alles to Zwanzig Zwölf was entropically killer. Songs hitting the set list like No. 1 in Deutschland and the iron fist of SS Deathstar before building up to the ironic sieben zwerge on stage during Das Boot. People get shorter with only one boot on, especially when the other one is getting filled with beer and downed by the closest gaping maw. All before the Götterdämmerung, or encore, that was as captivating as the beginning of the set. It was fun, it was silly, it was more sensible than Angela Merkel posing with a merkin and it did say half-six on the ticket.


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