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Halo Tora

Here at Soundscape, we’re really impressed with the new Halo Tora album Omni\One and they are currently streaming it at this location so make sure you check it out!

Halo Tora are a five piece union of progressive rock burgeoning from Glasgow, Scotland. A bond formed through years of writing and live shows supporting the likes of Jamie Lenman (Reuben) and My Vitriol as well as recently embarking on their own UK tour. The band repress nothing, by concentrating and coalescing their individual creative forces the band are able to subjugate generalised stylistic boundaries contrastively sitting somewhere between prog-rock, alt-rock and post rock. The result is a raw yet emotional album which is as dynamic as it is powerful.

Halo Tora have worked relentlessly and meticulously, carefully cultivating and refining the material which can be heard in Omni\One. Throughout the album melodic dual vocals intertwine and coalesce with equally complimentary dark and atmospheric guitar exchanges, whilst chilling classical piano sections float underneath a frenetic back-bone of driving bass and thunderous beats, fills and crashing cymbals.

Omni\One is as diverse as it is accomplished and there is an invigorating confidence and honesty to it which has come through there perseverance and patience in ensuring that everything is crafted to perfection, as guitarist and lead vocalist Chris Alexander says:
This record really is a coming together of all our experiences and personalities and with that a license to explore places musically that we had never been as individuals. It was great to be able to throw ourselves at it and watch it take shape.

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