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Halo Tora

Halo Tora are getting ready to release their new single Age Of Terror. We caught up with singer/guitarist Chris to find out more, and we also gave the song a review. Check it all out below!

Can you introduce yourself and tell me a bit about the band?
Hello, I am Chris Alexander and I sing and play guitar for Halo Tora. We’ve been working really hard over the last year to write and record our debut album which we have now reached the final stages of. When we started Halo Tora it was just myself and other Chris (Drummer) or Wee Chris. We had played in a previous band before and we wanted to try something different but we needed the right components. All the guys except Ryan (keys) played in previous bands that we knew so it was easier to find the rights guys. Its been a short but exciting time so far in Halo Tora and we’ve played some great shows with some great bands such as My Vitriol and Jamie Lenman. Our plan is to release our upcoming single Age Of Terror and then we will be touring. After that we are making plans for the album release.

2015 will see the release of your new single Age Of Terror on March 20. What’s the story behind the song?
Lyrically this is one of the more straight to the point songs we have. It’s really about asking questions and taking responsibility for our actions as nations.

Can you describe your writing and recording process for this song?
Writing this song was one we jammed together in the studio from just a handful of ideas. Writing this way isn’t always the best but we thought the energy and the feel was just right so we stuck with it. Recording as always is very different. You have this piece of raw energy which you have to deconstruct and resemble with as much if not more energy than before, so it can be a real challenge, though we are all proud of the finished track.

Would you say it’s representative of your next full-length album or is it more of a standalone piece?
The song is certainly representative of the album in terms of the aggression and that it has come from the same time and place. However the album will have quite a few surprises in there which are more removed from this style.

What can fans expect from the upcoming album?
Its was our intention to write and organic, dynamic and powerful rock record that takes on many forms style-wise, so I think when people finally get it, thats what they’ll hear. We just can’t wait to put it out!

And finally what’s in the works for 2015?
Our first focus is on the single release and the launch show which is on the 20th of March. After that we have some tour dates lined up and you can see the full listings on our website. Over summer we are looking to do some festival spots and then be gearing up for the album.

Age Of Terror Review

Age Of Terror is quite the grower. On your first listen, it comes across as a fairly standard-sounding post-rock song; nothing out of the ordinary or special, but the more you listen, the more it grows on you. The vocals have this wonderful smooth tone to them and the chorus soon gets stuck in your head – this is a song that will go down a treat live.

There’s an almost ethereal tone to the guitars at times, with an ever-so-slight air of mystery to it all, and it makes for an all-round relaxing listen. It’s one of those songs that works well as both a track to engage you and also something that works as background music or ambience. Halo Tora have written something very promising with this track and if this is anything to go by, the new album is going to be a real treat.


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