Hail Spirit Noir – Mayhem In Blue Review

hail-spirit-noir-mayhem-in-blueWell, talk about an impressive blend of genres! Mayhem In Blue, the third full length release from Greek threepiece Hail Spirit Noir, is a masterful combination of black metal, psych and prog – and it’s a trippy, addictive listen that really draws you in.

I’ve never come across anything that sounds quite like Hail Spirit Noir, which is certainly a good thing as it shows the band is unafraid to take risks with their sound and subsequently helps them to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, their masterful blend of melody and aggression has the balance just right and it means the music can be accessible to fans on both sides of the musical spectrum.

Although Mayhem In Blue only features six songs, the term ‘quality over quantity’ comes to mind and each song is powerful in its own right, with a particular highlight being third track Riders To Utopia. The striking psychedelic line that serves as the introduction soon worms its way into your head, with the ostinato line underneath serving as fantastic support throughout the song, and when the powerful vocals join in, they really leave an impression on you! There’s a lot of body and meat to the vocals during this song in particular, and they add a lot of bite to the track as a result.

All in all, a tremendous release. Hail Spirit Noir are refreshing and interesting, and in a music industry that is arguably oversaturated with bands that all sound the same, this band is a most welcome breath of fresh air.


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