Hail Of Bullets – III: The Rommel Chronicles Review

Hail Of Bullets are back with their third full-length album and it’s a great release. Something that instantly grabs your interest about this album is the sound quality, which is top notch and everything is at just the right level. The vocals are stellar, the instrumentation is fantastic and it just blends together perfectly as a result.

Everything instantly gets moving with opener Swoop Of The Falcon, which has a marvellously fast pace and things don’t let up as the album progresses. There’s a great driving beat behind the drums that keeps things moving and the roaring guitars are something to behold.

The strongest track by far is DAK. Although the introduction could be viewed as being a little dull and lacklustre, it really adds atmosphere and as soon as the guitars properly get going, the whole track hits you like a sledgehammer and it’s so groovy that it makes you want to simultaneously tap your foot to it whilst banging your head! There’s even a fantastic guitar solo thrown in for good measure before the track fades away. Absolutely fantastic stuff.

Closer Death Of A Field Marshal is not really the epic it could have been, and maybe not the best choice to finish with. The whole pace of the album just seems to drop a little due to the tempo and it just seems a little off after the epicness of the rest of the album!

In essence, III: The Rommel Chronicles is a fantastic release and a refreshing listen. It’s a bit of a shame about the last track because it would have otherwise been perfect, but nevertheless it’s still a great album and if this doesn’t propel them into stardom then it’ll be a crying shame.


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