Guy Grogan – Dynamite Bouquet Review

Dynamite Bouquet guy groganSometimes you find a sound that becomes an instant classic in your mind, a time where all the musical pieces are put together in such a way that it sets that nostalgic bird free. With his gritty, fuzz guitar and indie rock sound, Guy Grogan offers us a bit of a history lesson in sound with his killer new release titled Dynamite Bouquet. This is not to say that what Grogan brings to the table isn’t unique, because it most certainly is, but I respect that he obviously knows the sound he loves. From the moment this album starts it sinks its teeth right in and doesn’t let go, this is true indie rock goodness at its best.

Opening with the anthem-like My Own Way Out, Guy Grogan will no doubt capture the hearts of all the teen renegades out there. The track has a half distorted guitar, a simple but effective drum beat and some cocky harmonious lyrics to fill it out. The song is, simply put, fun as hell.

River Like A Cry is a decent track, however not my favorite in comparison to some of the other more catchy tracks that showcase Guy Grogan’s true musical strength, which is White Stripes-style rock. The track showcases Grogan’s ability to harmonize and work with his voice, which is a star player on every track of this album.

Nowhere Is Paradise is instantly classified as single worthy. It starts with an easy on the ears guitar riff, followed by a straightforward and catchy beat, but the song truly shines when it reaches the first chorus line. Progressing in a predictable way, Nowhere Is Paradise doesn’t redefine the genre, but that might be exactly what makes this song work so well.

Dynamite Bouquet is a solid album through and through. What it is and perhaps what I would like it to have been might be a bit separated at the core however. I feel that Guy Grogan has all the potential to put out songs as aggressive and high impact as the likes of Jack White, The Ramones and Jimmy Eat World, but he plays it, more often than not, a little too safe, much like Sloan and the likes.

I would recommend this album to anyone that cares to hear some new great indie rock, and who would like to hear something that is undeniably honest, sincere and emotionally powerful.


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