Grue – Casualty Of The Psychic Wars Review

Grue Casualty Of The Psychic WarsBlack metal can be quite a hit-or-miss genre, but one band that’s definitely worth a second glance is Grue, who have recently put out their first full-length release entitled Casualty Of The Psychic Wars following their split release with Word Of Unmaking in 2012.

It begins with the title track which instantly gets things moving. Nice and aggressive from start to finish, it has a good fast pace that helps to keep your interest throughout. From the hammering drums to the guitars that have just the right amount of melody, it’s an engaging listen and is a perfect choice of opening track before seamlessly leading into the following track, which is another fantastic inclusion.

One of the more intriguing tracks is Lament Of The Spheres, which sits very nicely in the middle of the release. A largely acoustic and slow-paced number, it fits fantastically into the release and essentially divides it into two parts. Something about it just works – I particularly loved the mouth-harp! – and after the sheer energy and noise of the first two tracks, it’s nice to take a little breather before they bring the noise once more with the next song.

The only problem with Casualty Of The Psychic Wars is the closing track They Who Walk Behind The Skies because it’s quite a challenging listen due to the length (it clocks in at just under fifteen minutes). It gets a little repetitive in parts and subsequently drags a little, which is quite disappointing because the other four tracks have a lot of promise and potential. However, the release as a whole is a good listen and if you’re a black metal fan then this will be right up your street.


Grue: Bandcamp

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