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Eldhjärta grimner

Grimner have just released a brand new video for their excellent single Eldhjärta, so we caught up with them to get the lowdown on the song and video, and also reviewed it! Check it all out, along with the video itself, below – and make sure to let us know what you think of it!

You’ve recently released your new single Eldhjärta, what’s the story behind the song?
Well, the song was written some time ago, the same way as any other, although we think it ended up unusually catchy.
Note by Ted (vocals, guitar): The lyrics have a personal meaning to me, and I think the atmosphere of the musical side of it is a perfect manifestation of what it stands for, which basically is to always stand strong. As a warrior would, if you will.

What’s the response been like for it so far?
It has been really good! The song seems to already have passed our past material in popularity, which we didn’t expect, at least not this quickly. It’s great to see that it’s appreciated by both old and new fans.

Would you say Eldhjärta is representative of what fans can expect from your new album Frost mot Eld?
The album is quite diverse, so no song is representative of the entire album, really, at least not when it comes to melody and atmosphere. Although, we do think that if you like Eldhjärta, you will like the rest of the album, so in that way, absolutely!

You’ve also just released a video for the song, how did the filming go?
The filming went great! It was shot and edited by Magnus Ewald, who was awesome to work with, he was really professional. It was hard work, but most things went as well as they could.

Where did the idea for the video’s storyline come from?
We wanted a pretty simple storyline depicting the core meaning of the song, so we cast our good friend Mikael Myhr as a wanderer searching for his goal, and not giving up until he finds it. No particular goal is shown, but we wanted it to be symbolic.

And do you have any interesting anecdotes from filming it?
Well, for one thing, it was freezing cold and raining the entire time, which put us all to the test, considering our very thin clothes and the fact that we were up on a small mountain. Another thing that happened was when Johan started with his fire breathing, Magnus got so excited and wanted to get some really good angles of the shots that he almost fell off a cliff doing so. We’re really glad that he didn’t!

Eldhjärta Review

It could be said that Eldhjärta is one of Grimner’s strongest tracks to date – there’s just something about it that has that special sparkle to it and quite simply, it’s a song you’ll keep wanting to return to. The main lead melody in the track will soon worm its way into your head and you’ll find yourself humming along to it before you know it!

In particular, the flute line is masterfully written in the track; the use of it playing the same melody as the other lead instrument at the time – whether it be the clean vocals or guitars – gives the song an extra lift and makes it feel more triumphant, somehow.

If this is what Grimner have chosen as an insight into their upcoming album Frost mot Eld, you can be sure that the rest of the album is going to be absolutely incredible.

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