Grim Ravine – The Light Is From Below Review

grim ravine the light is from belowThe first album from Portsmouth (UK) sludge-fiends Grim Ravine is a bit longer than their debut EP. An entire minute and forty-six seconds longer and comes with its own existential crisis. However the debate for what constitutes an album these days is better left to trading standards and people who own turntables.

Opening with the party banger Shrine of Misery, new album The Light is From Below has got a lot of life to give. It’s sludge roots show like a tree set in water while their funkier riffs dance around in the reflection. Distorting the heavy metal elements beneath the waves of diligent and mesmeric noise interspersed with organic and inspiring melodies that offer a sweet reprieve from the dense downtuned guitar.

Grim Ravine couple almost idyllic scenes with a destructive wave that emanates from below the middle register as the riffs hide under a veil of moonlight cutting and searing all that dives beneath the sonic foliage. While lurking in the dankness lies the guttural thrall of a monstrous entity.

Between the earthy cries, heavenwards screeches and the sharp guitar tone lay some beautiful interludes that are not only captivating but positively alluring.  Grim Ravine are casting shadows with their rock sensibility and natural flair on their first album. Definitely an album to bang your head to while between all the Slirdge (new hybrid genre name) are some great licks to sit back and watch the sun burn up.


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