Griever – Soul Searcher Review

griever soul searcherSoul Searcher is the sophomore EP from British metalcore outfit Griever and it’s a great to-the-point release with no messing about.

With catchy choruses and plenty of opportunities to bang your head, it’s clear that this is a release that will shine in a live environment, but that’s not to say it’s not an enjoyable listen on CD because it truly is – this is a great and punchy listen that will definitely be stuck in your head after your first listen.

Although Griever don’t really bring anything new to the genre, for what it is, Soul Searcher really is a tremendous listen. Griever clearly know what works for them and have delivered a tight, energetic and succinct performance from start to finish, blending pure aggression with stunning melodies and the balance is just right. In particular, the way the two different vocal approaches pair up so fantastically with the instrumentation is something to behold – both the heavy and melodic sections work well and the juxtaposition between the two is also impressive.

Soul Searcher packs a real punch, with all six tracks on the release being impressive in their own way, and although it’s perhaps a little on the lengthy side for an EP, it wouldn’t quite be the same if they’d cut a song out. Griever have created a meaty and powerful piece, and although it would be good to see them experiment a little with their next release, Soul Searcher is an EP that absolutely delivers – we won’t be forgetting this in a hurry!


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