Grenouer – Blood On The Face Review

GRENOUER - Blood on the FaceGenerally as a rule, beautifully clean melodic vocals atop of really heavy instrumentation isn’t something that really works that well but a band that have got this down to an art is Russian band Grenouer, who have really delivered with their latest album Blood On The Face.

Blood On The Face is a great mix of tracks and it’s good to see that they’ve taken a varied and approach with a couple of them, which shows they’re not afraid to experiment with their sound – and this can only be a good thing. For example, Midday Show features a rapping line mid-way through, The Taste Of Misery has a more electronic feel to it and See No Sun takes a slower and more laid-back approach for the most part.

One of the songs that instantly grabs you is the rather aptly titled Brain Fever. It worms its way into your brain with its catchy intro after your first listen and is one of those tracks that you’ll be singing along to for days. The vocals on this one in particular are stunning and it comes across as a track that’s destined to be performed live because there are lots of occasions for audience participation and singing!

Another great track is Fix Your Life (A Few Miles From Paradise). The way all the instruments move as one in certain sections is very striking and it feels like the band are all in-sync with one another as the track progresses, which makes for an engaging and interesting listen. The keyboard solo at the end is also fantastic; whilst not being the most complex of arrangements, it really adds a lot to the track.

All in all, Blood On The Face is a good album from a fantastic band, and is an accessible release that caters to both those who like it heavy and those that like it a bit more melodic – great stuff!


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