Gravity Rain – The Shining Silence Review

Gravity Rain The Shining SilenceGravity Rain is the new project from Russian songwriter Danny Klaven and The Shining Silence is the debut release from the outfit. For a first EP, it’s an impressive offering.

As soon as opener Riddled gets going, you’re instantly treated to this magnificently chunky and in-your-face instrumental section, so it comes as a surprise when the smooth, clean vocals join in. It’s unexpected and they feel a little out of place, which is somewhat disappointing, but nevertheless the track as a whole is a good, strong opening and leads almost seamlessly into the middle track of the EP, Free Again.

Free Again is more of a slower track in comparison to the energy-filled Riddled but nevertheless has the same amount of momentum. It also features a highly impressive guitar solo that has a piano section in the middle, so it’s almost like the two instruments are battling against one another, which is a great touch!

The EP ends on a high with triumphant closer Imagism. With epic and majestic instrumentation that will surely get your foot tapping and your fist punching the air, you can really hear the emotion conveyed in Danny’s voice and it really helps the track to leave a lasting impression on you.

Overall, The Shining Silence is a good release, especially when you take into consideration that it’s the first offering from Gravity Rain, but there are some sections where you can’t help but wish there was a little more aggression to the vocals.


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