Grave Pleasures – Funeral Party Review


Funeral Party is the brand new 7″ EP from Finnish outfit Grave Pleasures and it’s a fantastic release that hits you hard and also whets your appetite nicely for future material from the band.

This EP may only be two tracks in duration, but they are two very strong songs that you’ll be remembering for all the right reasons. Fast-paced opener Deadenders is a catchy track featuring some very powerful drumming and the chorus is simply made for singing along to – it’s such an earworm and will surely go down an absolute storm in a live environment.

Second track Cold War Funeral, meanwhile, is more of a slow-burner with more of an indie vibe to it and whilst it doesn’t immediately “grab” you like Deadenders, it’s definitely a grower and the emotiveness to the vocals is fantastic. Just give it a couple of spins and you’ll see what I mean.

All in all, a great little listen. The only problem? This EP definitely leaves you wanting more!

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