Goresoerd – Antikeha Review

antikeha goresoerdWe first came across Goresoerd in 2013 with the release of their third album Asülum, and the Estonian six-piece is now back with album number four Antikeha, which picks up where its predecessor left off and injects a little more melody into the music.

Antikeha is still very much an in-your-face listen, but the more melodic interjections help the music flow a little better and gives the tracks a little more variety, which is great to hear, and the balance between the two different approaches is good. Goresoerd lean more towards the heavier side of the spectrum, being a little sparing with the melodic side of things, but that’s exactly what their music needs to keep things interesting and engaging.

There’s plenty of powerful inclusions tailor-made for headbanging along to – this band surely dominates in a live environment – and one such example is sixth track 66. Blisteringly energetic, this is a track that pulls no punches and the vocal delivery is top-notch, with the song featuring a meaty half-bellowed, half-sung approach for the most part. Additionally second track Neetud, which the band has also released as a video single, is another strong song, with a bit more melody to the guitars going a long way – the little interjection of melody helps the track to worm its way into your head and stay there.

As a whole, Antikeha is a great release that packs a real punch, and whilst their previous release was still good, this feels like a definite step up and shows exactly what this talented band is capable of.


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